Fresh Start is a European project. UCLL cooperates with LSBU and Hogeschool Zuyd to create a model of integration through entrepreneurship for people with an international background.

Meet the team: https://www.freshstart4eu.com/theconsortium

UCLL therefore

  • co-creates with entrepreneurial highly qualified refugees a tailor-made course initiating refugees into entrepreneurship in Belgium,
  • organizes peer sessions to zoom in on specific entrepreneurship challenges
  • offers a network of mutual mentoring to address personal challenges while turning opportunities into value.
  • maps an ecosystem of entrepreneurship facilitators

You can reach us at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/freshstartlim/

The project URL: https://www.freshstarteu.com/

You can contact us: Ahmet.Sayer@ucll.be


For more information on ucll: https://www.ucll.be/activiteiten/fresh-start