Do I have to be able to speak Dutch to take part?
Not at the beginning of the programme. Most of us speak English and we can rely on a Turkish interpreter. Most of the times there are participants who offer to translate.

StartMinds is in Dutch.

Do I have to start a business of my own?
The majority does, but you can also choose to match your expertise to needs in the Belgian society and seek employment on that crossroad, or opt for a new or further study. It’s about finding your way in Belgium/Flanders.

Do you give us money?
Unfortunately, we can’t but some sessions are about financial support and crowdfunding.

Are women allowed to participate?
Yes, we highly welcome female participants as there is a shortage of female entrepreneurs worldwide.

Where will it be organized?
The co—design sessions in Brussels and the course in Diepenbeek. Mentor sessions can be organized according to the possibilities of both mentee and mentor.

Do I get a certificate?
Yes, you get an open badge and a certificate from UCLL

Can I travel from one partner in the consortium to the other?
We are happy to introduce you to our partners but every partner has another approach and is autonomous. So, if you get in in one country, this does not necessarily mean you get into the training in the other.

Can I participate anonymously?
We guarantee that we will not publish any pictures of you, or publish your name in public documents without your consent. However, we need to report back to the European commission. It’s an administrative obligation.

Do I have to pay?
The courses and mentoring sessions starting in October 2018 and February 2019 are free.

Where can I find the mentor/mentee application form?
You can find it here (link naar application form)

Where can I find practical information about the course?
All data, location, trainers, mentors can be found on the Fresh Start Lim website (link naar website).